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The Rolling Hills Church Benevolence Team accepts requests for financial assistance from both members and non-members, as well as residents of Penn Hills and Verona as well as non-residents.

While there is no ‘hard limit’ to the amount that you can request, please keep in mind that we are a congregation of well under 100 adults and our resources are limited. Applicants are encouraged to pursue all available resources for assistance and to not rely on Rolling Hills Church approving your request.

DISCLAIMER: The IRS mandates that Rolling Hills Church keep a record of all individuals that we assist through the giving of funds (either directly or to a creditor). These records are private and confidential and stored with the other financial records of the church. A new Benevolence Request Form must be filled out every time a request is made, even if it is a repeat. Rolling Hills Church reserves the right to approve or deny any claim. The decision will be at the sole discretion of the Benevolence Team, and their collective decision will be final. There is no appeal process. All efforts will be made to ensure a timely decision, but there is no promised timeline for a decision/notification. To ensure that we act as good stewards to the resources that have been donated to us, Rolling Hills Church reserves the right to thoroughly investigate the claims of need. It is the policy of Rolling Hills Church to distribute funds to a Creditor or Retailer (in the case of a pharmacy) rather than an individual whenever possible and practical.

Requests must be made by the individual needing assistance. No third-party requests will be accepted.
If you choose the "DO NOT leave a message" option, please know that it will significantly delay the response.
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