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Next Steps

God’s grace is a gift given to each and every person who calls upon Him. Grace is more than forgiveness. It is also peace in uncertainty, healing in the pain, and meaning in our lives. No one is excluded or beyond the reach of God’s grace.

It is only by God’s grace that we can grow into mature disciples of Christ. We believe that spiritual growth best occurs within relationships among those around you. We have a number of ways in which you can meet with fellow Christians and grow in your experience and knowledge of God. We see growth happen through both study of scripture and serving those in our neighborhoods, workplaces, and families.

RHC Ministry Opportunities: Children’s, Youth, Married Couples , Sermon Small Groups, Dinner & Discipleship, Small Groups, Women’s Bible Studies, Men’s Accountability Groups, 1-on-1 Discipleship

While we grow in our relationship with God and others, we are called by Christ to go into all the world and make disciples of all people. We take this call very seriously. We believe that we are only a “church” when we are following Christ into the world and extending His grace to all those He has brought to us.